Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sale at Tickled Pink Stamps

Hi, friends
Today I'm posting some news from 
Tickled PInk Stamps,
Please read,
Sale going on now!
Hi there {PINK} Fans,
                                            YUP another sale.  I am packing orders and catching up with everything
 and we here at Tickled Pink Stamps have already started arranging 
next years releases, I know crazy right?!  And a touch scary.  
But I have look at what I have coming and then I look at what 
I have and it'll get too crowded.....
EVEN the new Christmas Lolita and Lads get a discount.  
BUT you better get in quick as I don't think they will 
last very long and I only have a select few listed for each sale.  
There are some Lolita's and Lads with 50-60% OFF. 
 And all other stamp company stamps are all on SPECIAL.  
So why not help me make more room?

Check it all out HERE.... 

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